Emergency Spills

We have the tools, skills and experience to minimize the damage and rectify the problem.

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Spills can occur due to human error, a mechanical fault or even bad luck. However they happen, we can help. If you have an oil spill in Ireland that needs looking after, we have a dedicated quick response team that will get the affected area back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. Made up of specially trained environmental protection experts, our teams offer a range of emergency spill clean up services to suit a huge variety of situations.

How we can help

When the worst happens, it’s how quickly you react that makes all the difference. That’s why we ensure that our special emergency spill team is available 24/7. When called into action, they are equipped with a variety of products, equipment and machinery that can tackle multiple spill types and sizes. And because they are fully certified to manage and clean up spills, they can do it compliantly and cost-efficiently too. As every emergency spill is different, we take a site-specific approach to each situation. However, during every one of our clean-up projects, giving you a speedy, safe and compliant outcome is our number one goal.

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Why choose us?

Assessing, managing and rectifying any emergency spill requires expertise and planning. We’ve been excelling in these skills for over 25 years. So, while our abilities enable us to look after your needs safely, efficiently and compliantly, our experience allows us to do it in a way that is most economically viable way for you.



The safety of our people and yours is always our primary consideration. As well as meeting industry certification standards, safety underpins everything we do. TRDL is audited annually to ensure we are following industry best practice. But in addition to that, we are constantly implementing new rigorous safety protocols across our business.



When it comes to cleaning up emergency spills in Ireland, environmental best practice dictates our entire operating process. From reducing our carbon footprint, to safeguarding the environment, we undertake a range of practices as standard, that ensure you stay complaint to your environmental commitments.



We are massively proud of our exceptionally high standard of compliance across our company. We undergo a rigorous series of training and audits each year to ensure we remain compliant. While this is done to retain the high number of certifications we possess, it is also done to ensure we never stop updating our protocols to the most modern standards.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long have TRDL been operating?

Part of the Ratcliffe Group, TRDL have been collecting, transporting, processing and managing hazardous and non-hazardous waste and equipment since 1997.

What sectors do TDRL work with?

TDRL work with businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors. We have established a famous reputation for doing what you need done, safely, efficiently and compliantly.

Where are TDRL based?

Our state-of-the-art consolidation and treatment plant is based in Greenogue Business Park in County Dublin. From here, we work across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

Can I get a quote online?

Absolutely. Simply contact us today and one of highly experienced team will be able to discuss your needs and your budget, so that we can take it from there.