About Us

Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe Transport) is a family run business specialising in the transportation and waste management of hazardous and non hazardous materials. We are the largest transport provider for WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) across Ireland and operate the second largest recycling, consolidation and treatment plant in the country.

The company is accredited by the Irish Road Haulage Association and the holds its haulage licence, awarded through FTA Ireland. Ratcliffe provides logistic and waste collection services for WEEE across Ireland and the UK. We also manage TFS (Trans Frontier Shipment documents for transportation of hazardous and non hazardous waste throughout Europe. The range of logistical and transport services we provide results in customers having access to the complete transport management service.

In 1997 Trevor Ratcliffe established Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries working closely with DID Electrical in the servicing of their electrical deliveries. Within a few years the business expanded its logistics focus with the addition of new specialist fleet and working with brands and suppliers such as Whirlpool, Electrolux and Sony.

The introduction of the WEEE directive in Ireland and Ratcliffe’s specialist knowledge of the electrical distribution industry soon resulted in the company establishing itself as the largest logistics provider of electrical waste across Ireland. Currently The company works with WEEE Ireland and ERP for the fulfilment of WEEE obligations. This was soon followed by the establishment of a permitted site for the collection and recovery in Greenogue, Co. Dublin to service the entire country.

In 2005 the company added articulated trucks to its fleet and quickly developed its reputation for fleet management, service, systems and quality of personal. In 2008 Ratcliffe was awarded Haulier of the Year having previously being the inaugural winner of the Peterborough (UK) Truckfest in 2001. In 2013 the company won Truck of the Year awarded to one of the company’s fleet of 6 articulated trucks. Our continued investment in fleet and technology is what sets us apart.

Ratcliffe is managed by Trevor and Tanya Ratcliffe who work with a team of 12 people in their built for purpose Greenogue depot and consolidation / treatment plant. Ratcliffe works with public and private industry sectors that demand the highest level of compliance and service. Our investment in fleet, our people, processes and technology is the reason why Ratcliffe is trusted and selected for the management of Hazardous and Non Hazardous waste across Ireland by statutory agencies, pharmaceutical companies and international retail brands.