Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe Transport) collects and transports hazardous and non-hazardous waste across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the United Kingdom. Based from its Dublin depot, Ratcliffe is the largest logistical provider for the collection and delivery of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) in Ireland.


    Ratcliffe Transport provides a range of logistics services with a specialist focus on WEEE collection and recycling and transportation of hazardous and non hazardous waste from businesses and domestic households across Ireland and the UK. We work with public and private industry sectors that demand the highest level of compliance and service.

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    The company provides specialist waste transport services for businesses of all sizes across all industry sectors. Ratcliffee’s domestic household collection service includes waste collection of hazardous and non hazardous materials that range from small domestic appliances, refrigerators, washing machines to workplace electronic waste such as computer screens and CPU’s.

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    Each week Ratcliffe Transport run a number of recycle collections throughout the Leinster area, in Carlow, Wexford, Wicklow and Kildare. A full list of these pick up areas with dates, times and locations can be found on our collections page, please click on the link below to view.

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    Each year Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe) undergoes a series of audits and training to ensure we remain compliant and retain the appropriate certification. The following represent the range of certification held by Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe).

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    The environment is at the core of everything Ratcliffe Transport does. From the collection, treatment and recycling of hazardous and non hazardous waste to the operating process we put in place. Our customers depend on us to ensure compliance in key elements of their environmental practices and collectively reduce our carbon footprint.

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    The Ratcliffe team are some of the most experienced transport professionals in Ireland. Our commitment to employee training means customers are dealing with management and staff that understand the hazard and non hazardous waste industry thoroughly. Our investment in people combined with the quality of our fleet are the cornerstone of our business approach.

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    Safety on our site and our customers sites is our first and foremost consideration. In meeting industry certification standards safety underwrites everything we do. Ratcliffe is audited annually for the purposes of haulage and freight licensing in addition to industry safety standards and practices.

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    Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe) is Ireland’s largest supplier of transport and logistics services of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Operating to ISO standards Ratcliffe handles WEEE collection for WEEE Ireland and ERP while also directly engaged with the country’s leading electrical goods retailers and civic amenity sites across Ireland.

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    Ratcliffe operates to ISO standards and has received numerous industry awards for its fleet and service innovation.

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