The environment is at the core of everything Trevor Ratcliffe Deliveries Limited (Ratcliffe) does. From the collection, treatment and recycling of hazardous and non hazardous waste to the operating process we put in place, environmental best practice dictates our business approach.

Our customers depend on us to ensure compliance in key elements of their environmental practices and collectively reduce our carbon footprint. We are committed to developing these practices as it is our fleet investment, people and processes that make the difference for your business.

In safeguarding the environment and ensuring we adhere to our green principles the following represent some of our standard practices:

  • Fleet – Acquisition of fleet that are the most environmentally friendly in terms of emissions (Euro 456).
  • Idle Shutdown – we employ a system where all fleet and equipment will shut down after 3 minutes of inactivity to ensure no waste of energy.
  • Environmental Audit – Undertake a quarterly inspection through audited checklist to ensure all equipment and fleet are compliant.
  • Route Selection – We select our destination routes based on the most environmentally efficient route for our fleet.
  • Self Contained Fleet – our vehicles are self contained so we can upload and offload without the requirement to use additional equipment.
  • Carbon Footprint – a commitment in all practices through fleet management to reduce our carbon footprint and our customers.
  • Fleet Enhancement – specification of the fleet in areas such as addition of cranes to trailers to reduce the requirement of additional access machinery, Dynafleet and fleet board systems and selection of fuel efficient tyres.
  • Certification – meeting and exceeding all industry standards.

Ratcliffe has developed its own documentation and reporting system to ensure that all information and data will meet the requirement of customers from Multinationals, retails to statutory agencies.